WILLIAM GERRISH is a multidisciplinary artist working in Houston, Texas. 

Recent works focus on telling stories and capturing memories. These "recollections" are composed of raw materials and once abandoned personal effects. Aged color and trace impressions on the surfaces reveal truths created by nature and the hands of those from the past. The intent is to evoke a sense of nostalgia. These found objects are rescued from oblivion and given a new life.

Reclaimed materials and found objects include: cigar boxes, covers & pages from old books, papers, letters, painted wood, linoleum, brass tubing, carpet tacks, fishing logs, tackle & lures, stones, blood, a bird’s nest, coins & paper money, shark teeth, wooden rulers, reclaimed wood.


"I honor the practice of truth to material,
recognizing and accepting unrefined beauty,
trusting my artistic intuition."